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20-30 Months

Now that your child has mastered many of their large motor skills, it is time to work on communication and fine motor skills!  In this room the teachers implement play and activities that will enhance children’s vocabulary skills.  We will work with your child, through various group activities and one on one involvement, to begin to “use your words”.  The children in this room will begin to verbalize their needs and desires.  This is a time of rapid speech development.  Circle time will involve child interaction, as well as books and physical fun such as head, shoulders, knees and toes.

At this age children are beginning to want to do more and more on their own, but need to have activities that promote fine motor skills.  The children will receive various activities that will promote their development such as:  puzzles, art and sensory projects, peg boards, finger plays and dramatic play.  Your child may start playing with other children now that they can communicate better, or may still prefer to play alone.

Some children in this age group are ready for potty training, and some are not.  We will be more than happy to accommodate your child’s needs.  We will begin potty training if your child shows interest, and we will incorporate positive reinforcement.