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Bright Beginnings

12-20 months

Now that your child has spent a entire year learning new skills, they will work on mastering them!  These little friends are still very unsteady on their walking feet and tend to need plenty of time and space to fine tune their coordination and large motor skills.  Toddlers spend a lot of time walking!  In this room the teachers start to incorporate lesson planning into your child’s discovery through group play, circle time songs and books, arts and crafts, sensory experiences and by keeping a steady stream of conversation so that your child is introduced to vocabulary.  Our caregivers will use signing to help children communicate needs such as:  more, please, thank you, eat, milk, etc.  Children also have scheduled outside playtimes where they have the time and space to practice their gross motor skills such as running and climbing in a safe, enclosed, age appropriate environment.

During this time your child may begin to become more independent.  Our caregivers will foster this independence, while maintaining a nurturing environment for those times your child needs snuggles and affection.